First car at 18: Save on the car insurance

New drivers are insurance customers for the insurance: According to recent statistics, young drivers aged between 18 and 24 are twice as likely to be involved in serious accidents as the rest of the population. The insurance companies can pay for this risk – the non-damage class for novice drivers is by far the least favorable one. The liability even for a small car then often costs more than € 1,000 per year.

Let insurance run on mom and dad


The easiest way to save a few hundred euros a year on the insurance premium: parents register the car as a second car. Then not the expensive damage-free class for novice drivers, but the cheaper the parents. However, it is important: the son or daughter must be registered as a driver in any case. As a result, the premium becomes more expensive again – but as a rule, it is still well below the cost of own insurance.

Accompanied driving with 17 important for the insurance


If you want to save a bit on the insurance, you should take the driver’s license early. Anyone who has already taken his driving test at the age of 17 may drive in the framework of a special regulation even before the 18th birthday. However, a prerequisite is that a companion named by name always sits in the car.

It has been shown that young people who have participated in accompanied driving at 17 are less likely to be involved in accidents. The result: Many insurance companies give a discount. Expect a discount of around 100 €.

Which car is cheap in the insurance?


The choice of the car is a frequently overlooked reason that contributes to the high insurance costs. So what car for novice drivers? There are very typical driver novice cars that are particularly popular with young people because they are older and cheaper. And the insurance companies know that too.

Since all car models are assigned to the insurance type classes with different accident probabilities, these typical beginner cars come in an expensive class with a high probability of accident. That means for you: If you are looking for a car, you should first find out which type class the concrete model is associated with exactly this engine and this year. Find out which car is cheap in the insurance and sort out the models that are rated particularly unfavorable.

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