When Is Hershe Credit Card Released?

Hershe , which has gained a lot of appreciation from customers by doing very different works in the banking sector, is finally preparing to offer its customers a credit card product. Hershe , which provides free and branchless banking services to its customers and does not charge any fees , will of course not charge fees or charges on their credit cards . This looks pretty good. When does Hershe Credit Card come out? When will it be available?


When Is Hershe Credit Card Released?

Credit Card Released?

Although Hershe has been providing great services to its customers since day one, it has never talked about credit card service. Even when asked to customer representatives, they say they are not considered for now. Hershe , which made serious attacks in 2016-2017 and introduced many updates, also announced the credit card feature. You know that on November 14, 2017 Hershe Pocket Money Transfer system was introduced and was welcomed by many users. Following this move is the Credit Card.

When we visit the official website of Hershe , we can see that there is still work in the credit card related departments. You can review here. However, according to some campaigns we have heard, we can say that Hershe Credit Card is at hand. Even though November – December is the latest date, Hershe Credit Card seems to enter our lives in January 2018 . Moreover, this credit card will be dues and individuals will pay dues. While other banks receive dues, Hershe will pay us dues.


Doing everything to get the card

credit cards

As we said, Hershe now has his hand in his ear and they are doing everything they can to get the card to us. Are these dates clear? Of course it is not possible to give a clear date, even the customer representatives can not give it. We are only making some predictions. When Rose Finansbank makes an official statement, we will announce it to you under this subject.

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